E.P. : An extended play (EP) is a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP.

HI. I’m Kim Johnson.


It has begun. The creation of my first Christmas E.P. We’ve titled it “All is Bright”. What has been a faint thought in the back of my mind for over 2 years, is somehow now taking shape. The funnest, so far, has been seeing all of the brains come together to collaborate on  one little project that they deem worthy enough to spend their time and energy. In the planning stages of this project I had a close friend ask me: So what are you wanting to point people towards with this? A little annoyed by his directness, I had to stop and consider his words. What am I pointing you towards, besides some great Christmas music?

Well, imagine God was a teacher you really respected in school but were still very intimidated by, even scared of. Imagine that He pulled you aside in the hallway, with no warning, because he had something very important you needed to know. You are extremely nervous. You assume you are in trouble. To your surprise He says with a firm, prophetic, and gentle voice: “I know your heart is broken. I know you are confused. I know you don’t believe I can, but lets heal that heart of yours so that you can begin to stand in solidarity with others who feel what you have felt for so long. You are not alone. I have given the gift of music to share. Now go share it”….

I believe God put me on this planet to do something specific. To “ship” on this project represents significant ways in which I have had to begin to stop believing in the lies of my brokenness: To step out of my daydreams, drag myself off the couch, stop being jealous of what I wasn’t willing to work for, prioritize what is important to me, stop feeling guilty about asking for help,…the list goes on…Can I get an AMEN???

The scaredy-cat, crazy thoughts are continuing to loom even as I write this. I.E.Who in the world is gonna care about this anyway? What the heck am I gonna say? ETC.

I cant wait to begin sharing pics, giving lots of background info, and finally releasing something great that people can drive around in the Christmas craziness while listening in the car!!!!

Here goes nothin…;)


8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. So very proud of you and very excited. You indeed have a gift and you are not alone and I know lives will be touched by your obedience in sharing as He has asked you to do. Bless you Kim, so very proud and blessed by your life, your ministry, and your following His call.

  2. “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phil 4:13; “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles…” Isaiah 40:31 “Jesus looked at them and said, “with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matt 19:26
    Believing with you!
    Love, Mom

  3. I’m so glad to be on this adventure with you. My favorite voice singing my favorite music- you are offering such a gift to us! Love you!

  4. Kimmy – you’re doing this! Following Jesus requires great faith and I love seeing that very thing fleshed out in your life. Praying in this with you and can’t wait to see what comes! Love you.

  5. Kim, I love the album and we have been playing it all the way up to Christmas and now it is going to be playing during our Christmas dinner. What a blessing to have you singing for us this season. I miss hearing you on Sunday’s when I used to do the song words in the Chapel. Have a Merry Christmas Kim, Ryan, and family!

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