O Come All Ye Faithful

All Is Bright 11

November 21:

I am a context person. I want the history. I want the who, what, when, where, and ESPECIALLY  the why. Could this be why my 9yr-old and I can  sometimes go back and forth ? We are so much alike!

If you try to tell me a story or explain something that happened to you, its very likely I’m gonna butt right in and start asking questions. Ask anyone who knows me. I want the whole picture painted. I want more information than is ever needed or necessary. If I don’t get those pieces, I have a terrible time tracking and you will lose me before you ever had me….

Let that be the segue to the songs I chose for this record.

The night we began tracking this particular song I began to ask myself: where did this song come from? Who wrote it? What is it supposed to mean for us today?

As I began the research I became a little confused and disheartened when I found that this song seemed to have very little to do with the birth of Jesus.

The latin version of this carol: Adeste Fideles, was written by John Francis Wade in 1760.It was later translated in the 1800’s by, catholic priest, Frederick Oakeley. Most of the history on this song points to it being a coded battle cry for a Jacobite Rebellion. Sounds biblical but it’s not. Having to do with a war between England and France; one group faithful to the crown of King Louis XV, another faithful to ……my voice is trailing off now…are you bored yet?

In my early church experience, taking things out of context and making them fit a particular theme or point was a common occurrence. As my belief system has had quite a paradigm shift over the years, I find that there are many biblical things we think have certain meaning for us today when we really don’t have the whole historical or cultural perspective. Before we go down the philosophical rabbit hole, let’s consider taking a moment to not be so uptight over did it really happen?  Or is it just a myth? is a virgin birth really even possible?  Let’s let the story of Christmas be exactly what it is: fascinating, mystifying, special.

Let’s let the song be sung to the beauty and mystery of who Jesus is: O Come all Ye Faithful. Joyful and triumphant…..O Come let us adore Him… Christ the Lord.

BTW: We decided to go pop, dancy , 4-on-the-floor with this one… I predict you’ll be rockin’ in the car while you’re doin’ some shopping!!

2 thoughts on “O Come All Ye Faithful

  1. Kimmy….Hellelujah is my first thought when I think of you creating a new CD!!! As you are well aware….I am your #1 Fresno Fan!!! And….another hallelujah and amen to your self-description!!! hahaha Every bit of that is so very true!! I am so thankful for our everlasting friendship across the miles. Though we are a separated by miles, we always pick up right where we left off from the visit before. God has truly blessed you with a beautiful, amazing, glorious and angelic voice!! This Christmas CD will be the ultimate gift and is the gift that will keep on giving. Thank you for being so obedient to Him and his persistent and continuous knocking on your heart to keep going, keep singing, keep recording (ok, so maybe that was me being persistent and continuously harping on you)!! You are such a huge inspiration to ME and I will always encourage you to keep pushing forward (…plus, I like to be listed in the credits)!! You have a fabulous family and many great blessings ahead!! I love you to the moon and back, friend!! Loving you and praying for you!!

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