Do You Hear What I Hear?

All Is Bright 19

I don’t know about anybody else, but this year I feel like the “Christmas spirit” has not quite yet reached me. Amongst normal life, I have been extremely focused on getting this project done. It’s December 14th. I don’t have a single gift, no tree has been purchased, and all the decoration boxes are still on lock-down. For some very odd reason, it does not bother me like it would have in year’s past. Normally I would be pent-up with anxiety letting myself spin out over:  How much should we really spend this year? My decorations are so NOT as cool as Janet’s decorations. Am I damaging my kids psyche by letting her think there is still a Santa Claus?  60 bucks for a real tree? really?….I could keep goin’ people. When you see it on paper it really is all things that are just not that significant.

This brings me to the track  on this christmas EP that not only COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations but has the most interesting story behind it:  Do You Hear What I Hear. 

This song does not date back as far as I had originally thought. In the 1950’s, french classical composer, Noel Regney, came to Beverly Hills,CA and stayed at what is now the Beverly Hotel. There he met his future wife, Gloria Shane, who was a piano player in the hotel lobby. They fell in love quickly and wrote this song in 1962. After both living through World War 2, the Cuban missile crisis was now at hand and there was a great deal of fear that war could break out again. The two composers had no intention of this being a Christmas song. It was a cry for peace….”Pray for peace people everywhere, Listen to what I say”…

When I think about my current “December state-of-mind”, I hear the message of this song making sense to me. Am I listening to the story that Jesus intended for me to celebrate? Can I  slow down and hear the beauty and down-right mystery of how he came to this earth? Can I recognize that the gifts are simple representations of His birth as a gift to me? Can I stop worrying about the fact that I may only be able to afford new slippers for everyone this year? The answer is simply: YES.

The Child, the child,

sleeping in the night

will bring us goodness and light

He will bring us goodness and light!!!!!!!!!

See more of the story here:

One thought on “Do You Hear What I Hear?

  1. Beautiful Kim! No tree as of yet for our home either. I just could not seem to feel the urgency . Outdoors I have tons of lights and decorations with no intent on Rene putting them up. Before I knew it he started. He did my shooting stars ,a doe and a deer , a wreath , and clear lights around our trunk of our trees. I told him that was enough. it is simple and not cluttered. I am so apply for you and what you are accomplishing with your music.
    Yes I Believe I Hear what you are Hear this Beautiful Season.
    May The Lord continue to Bless You and your Family🎄

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