Thank You!

Well Friends…just in time for Christmas. The All Is Bright EP is live on iTunes!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 5.09.26 PM

The last song on the record: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

It’s the way I wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to every person who would listen to the EP.

I felt strongly about having one track that was just me. No instrumentation, no fancy arrangement. I wanted the weight of the work to be all on me and I wanted it to feel spontaneous. Up until recording this song, the project weighed SO heavily on other people to make the concepts of these songs come to life. I hated that there was not a whole lot I could do until it was time to sing. So Josh (my vocal producer) put a little note in me ear and said, “Ok, let’s try one whole pass.”

Most important, I want this post to be about all the AMAZING brains that brought this project together.

Ryan Johnson: My soul mate and strong voice that is always pushing for more music to come out of me. Thank you for buying into this and POURING your time into the concepts, the recordings, the mixing…ALL of it. I love you.

Jerad Atherton and Josh Auer (Avner Studios): I have to mention these 2 together. They were the master minds of this whole thing. They were the perfectionists who worked tirelessly to make the final product COMPLETELY exceed my expectations. The chemistry between us all was completely organic (which is the best!!!!). I have found “my people” and can’t wait for future projects:)

All Is Bright 5

All Is Bright 3

Producer: Jerad Atherton

Vocal Production, Mixing/Mastering: Josh Auer (recorded at Avner Studios in Santa Ana)

Arrangements: Jerad Atherton, Kim Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Josh Auer


Jerad Atherton: Guitars, keys, programming

Ryan Johnson: Rhodes piano

Paul Doyle: Drummer extraordinare

Andy Toy: Keys, programming, and all kinds of other cool tasty stuff

Blaine Starke: buttery guitars

Daniel Rhine: Stand-up Bass

Silent Night Live Crew:

Stan Endicott: Vocals and my most favorite arrangement of Silent Night ever!

Jared Rich: engineer (

Thank you also to Kevin and Heather Ross. Thank you for sitting with me for hours working to get the album artwork right and getting it on a stinkin sticker for the stinkin CD cover…grrrr. That was not fun for me. I owe you two BIG TIME!!! Thank you mom, dad, and Kelly for being such great cheerleaders and for everything you’ve done to help get more CDs sold!!!

Thank you to The Bakers, The Barnetts, and The Dewitts for their financial support!!

There!…Now go enjoy:)



All Is Bright 23 All Is Bright 8 All Is Bright 13

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