Silent Night…Holy Night

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So grateful to have crossed paths in life with THIS MAN. Stan Endicott: GREAT storyteller,husband, father, grandfather, worship leader, song writer/arranger, THE guy at maranatha music back in the day, and what I believe to be his greatest gift, MENTOR. The first few times we worked together he would ask me: “So you teach school do ya? Well, we should talk more about that.”

This was his friendly way of saying: “You might be in the wrong line of work honey!”

He has been instrumental in helping me find what it is that I am really about. Never pushy or demanding. Always gentle and encouraging, but with a steadfast firmness. The last time I met with him, the last thing he said to me was: “You know that place inside you that feels like it knows what it’s supposed to do? You need to turn that up a few notches.”

Instead of letting those words marinate and help change the shape of my thinking, I would take it personally and withdraw. As with many pieces of guidance I have been given over the years. Dwelling on a false pretense that I had somehow failed once again and I was never going to get it right. This is a place I have often gone (in my head that is).  Sitting in a place of frustration, confusion, anger, and last but not least, FEAR.  As I started to take more baby steps in a new direction, I gave Stan a call:)

When I decided to record this Christmas record I knew I wanted to sing a duet with Stan. I also knew I wanted to try to record the song live in the beautiful, A-frame, chapel that we both lead worship in at Mariners Church in Irvine,CA. With the help of my friend Jerad Rich ( we were able to pull it off. It was definitely one of the MAJOR highlights of this recording process.

I hope that you love it as much as I love his Joe Cocker meets Bruce Hornsby, raspy voice!!

PS…The bracelet I’m wearing in the first row of photos is handmade,by ugandan women, in honor of an amazing organization that I am SO excited to be involved with: Align Ministries- They are saving orphaned children one child at a time. Please check them out!


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